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Just Ask! As basic as it sounds, this is really the key to all membership recruitment efforts. If you do not ask a prospective member if she is interested in LIONS, you are not letting the prospect make the decision you are making it for them. -- The LION, February 2004

08/29/2007- It has come to our attention that a former Lion President, Dew Wertenberger, has met some misfortune at his new residence in Bowdon, Georgia. A house fire has completely gutted the house. Both he and Linda were not injured. Anyone wishing to assist can contact the Club.

06/19/2007- 82nd Anniversary Party went well as planned.

03/25/2007- Elections. RDLC will now have it's first female President. Kim Norwood was elected President, Chuck Croston, 2nd Vice President, Lisy Rodriguez, Secretary, Mary Jane Trent, Treasurer, and Myrtice Konsky, Tail Twister.

01/23/2007- Tonight is our smoke test for the popcorn popper. Creampuff is 98% ready for the Rodeo this weekend. The Boy Scouts are set up to sell at the Rodeo and the Parade on Saturday. Hopefully this is going to be a big year.

01/01/2007- Happy New Year

11/07/2006 - Tonight's meeting went very well. We had over a quorum of members and actually got some business done. The club also had an election to award it's first Melvin Jones Fellowships. The Fellowships in order of vote totals were (1) Harold Kendall, (2) Ed Samples, (3) Myrtice Konsky, (4) Kim Norwood and (5) Boyce Rhyne. Congratulations to all of them. Myrtice's ravioli was excellent.

10/17//2006 - Tonight was District 35-A Governor Marty Murphy's official visit to the club. Also in attendance were Ana Murphy and Lion Marion Hyatt of the Homestead Lions Club. No business was conducted during the regular meeting but RDLC's donation to the Sightfirst campaign was presented to Lion Marty.

03/21/2006 - Lion Laynee Reidinger was on hand to address the Club regarding her aspirations to become the next Vice District Governor. Dinner by Myrtice was great. Election went as scheduled.

03/07/2006 - Good meeting. 1 new member. Ballot has been finalized for the March 21st election. Looks like we will have no Immediate Past-President this year. Dinner by Suzy was fantastic. Approved letter to our neighbor regarding Hurricane damage. Eyeglass box to be installed this week.

03/01/2006 - Received an e-mail from 35-A PDG and RDLC Past President Dennis Alcock on the 26th of February. He said that he has not seen Kitty up in his part of the country. I consider this a real honor from a real Lion. More later.

02/21/2006 - 2 new members. Dinner by Marta was great. Creampuff takedown is scheduled for February 26th at the club house. Party is set for June 10th, 2006. There will be 81 tickets @ $100.00 each and the committee has been formed. Barbeque for March has been shelved.

02/14/2006 - Our intrepid band ventured North into the nether regions of Lionism this past evening. To a place that has no J&B or Chivas, a cold place, (At least it was in the parking lot) a place that automatically adds a gratuity to parties of 6 or more. Into the abode of the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Lions Club. All in an effort to rescue poor Kitty, and rescue Kitty we did.

02/07/2006 - Good meeting. 3 brand new members. Approved new eyeglass deposit box for outside of club house. Set tentative date of June 10th for the Anniversary party. Dinner by Myrtice was great. Put the nominating committee in place. More later.

02/02/2006 - Got some pictures from the Rodeo up.

02/01/2006 - We responded to Kitty's email.

01/29/2006 - Received a email from Kitty stating that the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Club was holding him hostage.

01/24/2006 - Tried to go to the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Lions Club meeting to rescue Kitty. The web site said 7PM at the Tex-Mex on Old Cutler Road. I couldn't find it because it's not there anymore.

01/17/2006 - Another good meeting. District 35A Vice Governor was in attendance and inducted our latest new member. This was a Zone meeting. More details on that later. The downer of the evening came when we noticed that someone had kidnapped our poor little lion kitty. Already, an intensive search & rescue plan is being formulated. We have a crime, we have suspects, and we will have Kitty back.

01/10/2006- Good meeting. Creampuff is to be re-assembled and a popcorn cooking class is to be done January 22nd @ 11AM. Deferred induction of newest member to the January 17th meeting because the sponsor had to work tonight. Dinner by Kim Norwood was great. Schedule for the rodeo is coming together. Accepted minutes from the 12/06/05 meeting. Obviously no one on this end won the raffle for the champagne. Lion Ken Melhado was a real trooper in standing in for the missing Lion Tamer and promptly fined the President 10 times for various and sundry acts. (Don't know if I'm going to do that again, OR, maybe that was his idea to make sure I did not.) Thanks.

12/20/2005- Had meeting, NO QUORUM for any business though. New Secretary was there with bells on, NO TREASURER. Inducted newest member, Norma Sowder. Discussed Rodeo preparations. Scheduling sheets were distributed and all attending members or guests were asked for any donations of time during the Rodeo Weekend. Minutes from the last meeting were prepared by Kim Norwood but were not presented due to inability of the Club to accept. Myrtice cooked a great dinner even though she knew she had to work tonight but had it sent out to the Clubhouse. 50/50 was $40.00, We're getting there one way or another.

12/12/2005- Club members sold 100 Tickets for the Projects, Inc. District 35-A Raffle. They are raffling off (1) Case of wine and (1) Case of champagne.

12/10/05- Yard cleanup went great. It was a shame to throw away all the frozen stuff. Everybody did a good job.

12/06/05- Nice meeting. No Secretary or Treasurer attended. First printed minutes for every member to read prior to approving in the last 400 years. Club made $60.00 on 50/50. (New Record) (Purely in my estimation)ed. Treasurer called prior to meeting and was out of town. Secretary was voted out of office and replaced with volunteer Lisy Rodriguez. Scheduled Club work halfday for December 10 @ 1 PM to cut trees and clean up debris associated with the recent hurricanes. Dinner provided by Kim Norwood was fantastic. Next meeting will have a dual induction of members. (We are getting there) Float was deferred to next meeting and schedule for the Rodeo will be provided at next meeting.

12/05/2005- New Calendar

11/29/05- A Zone meeting at the clubhouse has been scheduled for January 17th 2006.

11/21/05- The building cleaning has been changed to 11/29/05.

11/15/2005- Regular meeting. Membership Chair Kimberly Norwood performed the ceremony to induct our latest two members. (Pictures) A building cleaning evening has been set for November 22nd @ 6:30PM. Pizza will be the gourmet dining fare.

11/1/2005- Meeting cancelled due to Hurricane Wilma.

10/04/2005 - Regular meeting, dinner was great, wrote check to Red Cross for $1874.62 and we inducted our newest Lion. Gabel Neubauer was presented her Certificate of Appreciation for Membership from Lions International.

10/03/2005 - October 18th's meeting will be a Zone Meeting.

09/20/2005 - Regular meeting cancelled because of Hurricane Rita.

09/06/2005 - Regular meeting. The club voted to donate the proceeds from the anniversary party to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

08/16/2005 - Regular meeting. This was the worst attendance I have ever seen as a member of this Lions Club. With no Secretary, Treasurer, Tail Twister and other absentees, we did not even have a quorum to even have a meeting. (Only missed by one though) We had a prospective member for the meeting. Mr. Ken Melhado joined us. I was expecting at least two others.  This is definitely not the way to increase membership. Boyce Rhyne and Myrtice Konsky were given Certificates of Appreciation for membership from Lions International. It was a nice dinner thanks to Myrtice. No business was conducted. The schedule for the Softball Tournament is still TBA.

08/16/2005 - Found some pictures of DG Colleen Westmoreland taken at the December 7th, 2004 meeting.

08/02/2005 - Regular meeting. District Governor Mario Echevarria made his official visit for this Lionistic year. Also in attendance were Vice District Governor Martin Murphy and both wives. DG Mario made the presentation to Lion Harold Kendall of a Certificate of Appreciation for 65 years of Lionism. He also made the Lion of the Year award to Lion Myrtice Konsky for the 2004-05 year. Lion Kimberly Norwood received a President's Appreciation award for all she did preparing for the anniversary party. (Pictures) Congratulations to all.

07/26/2005 - Zone meeting. Zone Chair Anna Murphy conducted.

07/25/2005 - Received an E-Mail from Lion Clement F. Kusiak, the 2005-2006 LCIF Chairperson regarding the tsunami-ravaged areas in Indonesia and what the Lions are doing. To read, Click this link.

07/19/2005 - Peter Hoffmann's wife Kathleen passed away July 15th. Visitation will be from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 22, 2005, at Palms Woodlawn, 27100 Old Dixie Highway, Naranja, Florida and a Mass of the Resurrection will be held at St. Martin DePorres Catholic Church, 14881 S.W. 288 St., Homestead, FL at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, July 23, 2005. Flowers have been sent from the club. Link to Miami Herald Obituary.

06/13/2005 - Start of Picture page is up for the 80th.

06/13/2005 - It's over. The party went really well with close to a hundred in attendance. The band played till after midnight (They were good) The food was good, the Bartenders were great and the Serving Ladies were fantastic. The only real bad thing that happened was that someone ripped off  the keg and tap. Will post pictures later.

06/02/2005 - Bathroom floor got poured today, maybe we'll get this puppy done. We have donations of fishing trips, golf, fire extinguishers, honey, gift baskets, plants, massages, etc so far. Less than a week to go.

06/01/2005 - Congratulations to Lion Mario Echevarria for his election to District 35-A Governor.

05/31/2005 - Party committee meeting. Hi Gene! Tickets are going slow but steady. Write up in the News Leader was nothing to write home about. Food is taken care of. Bar list has been made.

05/17/2005 - Regular meeting. We had a visitor from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Lion Dudley Lalah is in town for medical reasons. He is also the Chairman of the clubs 30th Anniversary committee. (1975-2005)

05/16/2005 - Tickets for the 80th Party are available. See 80th page for locations.

05/16/2005 - Floor tile for the restrooms and office was donated by Fred Rhodes. Many Thanks!

05/14/2005 - Lion Norman fixed the sound system this weekend and we got the painting almost finished. Some items are making it back on the wall.

05/07/2005 Painting party got quite a bit done today. (Pictures)

5/03/3005 - Meeting * Approved new Constitution & Bylaws. (First in a long time) Secretary Sara Borek resigned for personal reasons, Volunteer Martha Howe was elected to replace her. The 80th Anniversary is a go by majority. Paint and 80th Committees selected to get this show on the road. Paint party will meet Saturday, May 7, 2005.

4/27/2005 - Pictures of the paint job at the Clubhouse.

4/19/2005 - Meeting * Good Treasurers report. First in Club Induction of New Member since I became a Lion. Newest is Kimberly Norwood. Congratulations Kim! Martha Howe named Chair of Audit/Finance Committee. (Pictures)

4/8/2005 You can now print the monthly calendar by going to the Meetings Page, then click the Monthly Calendar Link. Most browsers support printing the frame with the calendar in it. The calendar also has the meeting times for the Homestead, Perrine-Cutler Ridge, Miami Lakes, Kendall West and Key Largo Lions Clubs.

3/15/2005 The installation of the 2005-06 Officers was performed by MD-35A Vice District Governor Mario Echevarria. (Pictures)

2/28/2005 Found some records for a Ted E. Stadig (Club Member 1949-1963)

2/17/2005 Safety Deposit box was drilled today - Original Constitution and Bylaws were found.

2/15/2005 Goodbye party for Dew  scheduled @ Clubhouse March 19th, 6 PM. All Lions invited. We will have 1st National Bank's big grill trailer for ribs and chicken. Covered dishes will be welcome.

1/30/2005 The Rodeo was a success after a terrible Friday night. Congratulations to all members who assisted, Top Gun and Boy Scout Troop 69. To see some pictures click here.

1/3/2005 Linda Wertenberger's Mother passed away Sunday evening. Viewing will be from 5 to 8 PM Tuesday at Almond Funeral Home in Carrolton Georgia. Funeral services will be at 3 PM Wednesday. The Club has sent flowers.

12/29/2004 The Memorial Service for Colleen F. Westmoreland took place this afternoon. Attended by Family, Friends, Firefighters, Police and Lions totaling close to 1,000 souls. What started as a rather somber affair took life when Pat Westmoreland opened the event recognizing the number of people that came to pay respect to his Mother. Even rain did not deter the crowd from listening to all of Colleen's children give homage to her. She will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved her.

12/28/2004 Colleen's Guest Book

District 35-A Governor Lion Colleen Westmoreland passed away at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami on Thursday December 23, 2004. Click the link for information regarding services.

12/22/2004 According to Neighbors helping Neighbors, donations can be made to the Westmoreland Fund through the Dade County Firefighters Charities.

12/17/2004 MD35A District Governor Colleen Westmoreland's residence caught fire and was gutted. She is now in the burn unit at Jackson. Our hearts are with her. (See Miami Herald story)

12/11/2004 Vice President Martha Howe had knee surgery and will be out of commission for 6 weeks.

Meeting 12/07/2004 (Pearl Harbor Day) @ 7 PM - This will be a Zone Meeting. 35A District Governor Colleen Westmoreland will be in attendance.

11/30/04 Movement of the "Rock" in Orlando did not go well. Apparently the "Rock" exceeded the capabilities of both the crane sent to lift it and Dew's trailer.

See the newly repaired Lion. - October 2004

Planning for the 80th Anniversary Celebration has begun. (Details later) Any input from members would be greatly appreciated. On computer, please use the E-List or E-Mail contacts.


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