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To Join a Lions Club is by Invitation, but applications are encouraged from all members of the community. Membership is open to men and women over the age of 18 years and of good moral character and reputation.

Why should I join the Lions? (Click link for more)

How do I become a Lion ...?

Since membership is by invitation only, it necessitates getting to know a Lion or a Lions Club.  Any Lions Club will be happy to have you attend a meeting and begin what we  hope will be a long association with Lions. You can use our E-List link to contact us for further information regarding this Club.  After a few meetings, all the questions you may have regarding membership should be answered to your satisfaction.  You will then be asked to submit an application to the club of your choice and following acceptance by its Board Of Directors be inducted into Lionism. 

Each new Lion member has a Sponsor whose duties include the support of a new Lion and to help show by example how to be a good and active Lion.

What time will I be required to give as a Lion ... ?

We serve in any way we can, and to the best of our ability, to what we see to be the needs of the community in which we live, in whatever form it appears necessary, and to whatever extent our resources of time and money permit.
There is no set rule as to how much time should be given.  It is expected that a member will attend as many regularly scheduled meetings as possible.  It certainly is our goal to have every member achieve 100% attendance for these meetings, but since that may be impossible, make-ups can be attained working on our projects, attending training sessions or even by visitations to fellow Lions Clubs.  At no time will you have to give more time than you can afford.

Why do Lions Clubs have annual  Dues ?

Lions Club dues are among the lowest for service organizations and costs vary from Lions Club to Lions Club.

However, 100% of money collected from the public must be returned to the public.

It is therefore incumbent on individual Clubs to assume the administrative burden in support of it's activities.  This is done through a fee added by the Club to the annual dues established by Lions Clubs International. Clubs normally collect fees twice annually.

What do Lions do?

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